The Sigma Omega chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi prides itself in it sense of brotherhood. We are at our core a group of men with various backgrounds, personalities, and beliefs bonded by common values.  It is these values that connect the founding members of Alpha Epsilon Pi with today’s brothers around the world and will continue to be the cornerstone of our establishment.

Alpha Epsilon Pi's brotherhood has existed for three thousand years and transcends more than lifelong friendship. It is the bonds of a common heritage and shared ideals that makes Alpha Epsilon Pi truly unique among fraternities. We believe that the right of brotherhood must be earned and then maintained. Brotherhood can only be strong when people actively pursue it; that is why our chapter regularly holds social events, involves itself in philanthropy, and challenges itself with leadership. Our brotherhood begins when we commit to live by the values established by our fraternity and continues as long as we hold true to them.


Despite any stereotypes you might have heard, our chapter takes pride in our athletic accomplishments.Some of our sports we excel most in are IFC Hockey, Softball, Soccer and Volleyball. While we play to win, the main aspect of sports is the love of the game as well as the strengthen bonds training and playing together creates. Another advantage of playing fraternity sports is that you always have brothers there to cheer you on, which just makes the sports that much more enjoyable. Even members that never played competitive sports in high school or are a little rusty still have a chance to do something they enjoy with people they enjoy.


The Sigma Omega chapter of Alpha Epsilon PI does several charity events throughout the year. The most notable event that we helped host last year was Cuck Fancer. At this event we enlisted over two hundred people for the bone marrow registry, raised thousands of dollars, and shaved our heads to help raise awareness for the devastating results of cancer.



A video documenting Cuck Fancer's 2016 event on Cal Poly campus. Cal Poly AMA's entry for the 2016 "Best Community and Social Impact Video Competition"



We also take part in philanthropies across the SLO community. Our Brothers planted trees for Cesar Chavez day, walked a mile in her shoes for sexual assault, and actively volunteer at the Jewish Community Center.


Part of being a brotherhood is making sure that is stays strong, and the best way to do that is to do enjoyable events together. Just as any large group of people, you'll always find people to pursue your interests. As a fraternity, we host events from bar-barques to paintball to hosting campus-approved parties. Even if you're not a fan of ever event, you will no doubt find something you enjoy with the brotherhood. One of our most looking forward to events is a giant brotherhood retreat where we rent a large enough house for the brotherhood and spend a weekend hanging out in the woods. 


We also greatly enjoy meeting the lovely ladies of Cal Poly's Panhellenic sororities at mixers that we host at our Fraternity House every month. With food and drinks provided, decorations, and live music, the brotherhood gets the opportunity to meet new people from our campus. Additionally, we enjoy our annual Serenades, which is probably what our chapter is best known for. Every year we go to each sorority house and perform our completely politically correct dances. It's kind of hard to explain exactly what we're doing, so the best way to understand this is to simply watch the video below.




As the world’s largest Jewish fraternity our mission is: “Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. We have maintained the integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to the Jewish community and serving as a link between high school and career.”

The Jewish community at SLO does not stop at our doors; we actively support and participate in Chabad and work cooperatively with Alpha Epsilon Phi (the Jewish sorority on campus) to run the Hillel on campus.

Although Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity and shapes the future leaders of the Jewish community, our purpose is not religious and we welcome anyone willing to embrace our values and ideals.


Part of our philanthropy is not just participating on community service, but also raising money for charitable organisation we really care about. Some of our main fundraising events include our semi-annual Obey clothing sale and Cuck Fancer. The Obey clothing sale is hosting on campus and includes some high-quality clothing for low prices where we are responsible for setup and helping with sales. Last year we were able to raise money for Cal Poly's SAFER. We also have a Cuck Fancer (an organisation that is run by an AEPi brother ) fundraiser which working on helping students with cancer and helping do cheek swabs. We accomplish this by having some of our brothers raising money asking money from friends and family in order to shave their head. Other brothers help man the cheek swabbing booth. While these are our two main events, we also have various other smaller fundraising events throughout the year in order to help out local and national organisations as much as we can.