While every member of the fraternity takes on leadership in one way or another, the eight positions below are the top positions in the fraternity and makes sure the fraternity is running smoothly.  Collectively, the are known as the Executive Board. 



Master: Leor Rozen

The Master is leader of the Fraternity. His job is to be the external face of the fraternity and oversees the internal aspect of the fraternity. He is directly involved with the university as is the main representative of the fraternity to the university and surrounding community. He is the manager of the Executive Board and runs the chapter meetings.


Lieutenant Master: Eric Shechter

The Lieutenant Master affiliates himself with the internal aspects of the fraternity. The Lieutenant Master is in charge of all the Minor Board committees and follows up with them to make sure the internal affairs of the fraternity are in order. His position is basically the executive position that makes the fraternity work.


Scribe: Brian Sussman

The scribe is the official secretary of the fraternity. In meetings he writes down what is discussed. He also handles the direct wording of official fraternal documents such as the Constitution, By-Laws, and Amendments. Any written document of the fraternity must be approved by him before it is allowed to see the public’s eyes. He is in charge of the website and all technical aspects of the fraternity..

Exchequer: Michael Nassirzadeh

The Exchequer is the treasurer of the entire Fraternity. His job is to balance the budget, make sure the fraternity is only spending the allotted amount of funds, and collect and process any incoing or outgoing expenses.

Rush Chairman: Aaron Grushow

The Rush Chairman is one of the most important positions in the fraternity. His job is to plan and execute, with his 7 man committee, the rush events during rush week. While Rush is over for the 2016-2017 school year, he is still very active through the fraternity and helping the other members of the Executive Board.

Brother-at-Large: Jared Wexler

The Brother-at-Large is an extremely important position on the executive board. The Brother-at-Large is the representative of the entire brotherhood to the Executive Board. He is in charge of handling any issues within the brotherhood. He also boosts brotherhood morale by planning and scheduling brotherhood events throughout the year to build and stronger brotherhood.

House Manager: Tomer Baltinester

The House Manager oversees the maintenance of the house, with respect not only to the physical up-keep but, also the interpersonal relationships of all Brothers residing in the house. As the house is an essential part of the fraternity, so is this position.


Risk Management: Aaron Herzog

The Risk Management Chair is responsible for limited and managing all liabilities that the fraternity assumes through the hosting of brotherhood, social, and philanthropic events. Risk Management is responsible for helping brothers to make smart, safe decisions on their personal behalf as well as on behalf of the fraternity.