Sigma Omega - Alumni Weekend 2017

Esteemed Alumni,

We welcome you back to the Sigma Omega chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. We are currently the strongest and most outstanding chapter of the greatest fraternity across the world, with over 180 chapters in 6 continents. Although our re-founding occurred over 13 years ago, the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi have been serving the San Luis Obispo community and the Cal Poly campus for over 50 years. 

Your legacy has lived on, as we currently have 90 active and associate brothers that continue to progress on the foundation you build for this chapter many years ago. We would love to see you return to Alpha Epsilon Pi and reconnect with your best college buds and your brothers for life.

Alumni Weekend 2017 will be on November 10-12, 2017 and will consist of:

-A fantastic Friday night Shabbat dinner co-sponsored by SLO Chabad
-The opportunity to join the chapter for the first annual Founder's Ball to honor the original founding of the Sigma Omega chapter
-Saturday morning brunch prepared and delivered to a venue on Cal Poly campus
-Brotherhood bowling at the Mustang Lanes
-Beer tasting at SLO Brew - The Rock
-Annual formal dinner on Saturday night at the famous Madonna Inn
-Downtown bar sendoff for alumni and 21+ brothers both nights
-Sunday morning brunch prepared by the undergraduates and pledges
-Sunday mid-day conclusion barbecue

If you wish, you may bring a significant other/partner with you for the weekend, and for them to attend/participate in any of the events it will be a reduced ticket cost.

Come one, come all. This weekend will be one for the history books!